Our Public Works Director is Kelly Cowan.  To contact him at City Hall please call 210-494-2023 ext 238.  His email address is


Our Code Compliance Official is Drew Owens.  To contact him please call him directly at 210-465-5772 or you can call the office at 210-494-2023 ext 238.  His email address is


The Town of Hollywood Park is fortunate to have the most dedicated hard working individuals in our Public Works Department.

Public Works is responsible for many different areas of Town. They keep all City buildings clean, maintain the Voigt park, trim trees from the right-of-way, trim and mow drainage culverts, keeping them clean of debris to allow for smooth drainage during those South Texas storms.

Our residents can help our hard working Public Works employees by ensuring they keep their shrubbery and trees trimmed back out of the City right-of-way. Those residents on corner lots can help by following the City ordinance regarding plants and shrubbery on the corners of our intersections. These few relatively easy tasks can help keep the Town of Hollywood Park looking great and a safer place to drive.

To report dead wildlife:

Download and complete the wildlife form below