By city code, all pet owners of dogs, cats and ferrets must register their animals with the Police Department’s Animal Control Officer.  This registration captures important, and required, rabies vaccination information as well as a description of your pet(s).

Because we understand the special bond pet owners have with their pets, we want to do our best in keeping your pets safe and returned home should they get loose or off their leash.  Therefore, we have revamped the pet license form and it’s now available online to our residents.  We have included a page where you can attach a photo of your pet(s). Photos are not required; however, it would be very helpful for our animal control officers to identify your pet and get them home quickly and safely.

You have several options to accomplish this annual required license:


Option A:   You can download and complete the registration form  here.  Be sure to make a copy of the rabies vaccination certificate from your veterinarian and attach this to your registration.  Then you can drop it off at the Police Department during normal business hours to obtain your pet tags.  There is no fee for this service or registration. 


Option B:  Complete the steps from “option A” and then mail your forms, along with a stamped return envelope, to the police department at the address below.  We will mail you the tags by using your included stamped envelope.  There is no fee for this service or registration.

Hollywood Park Police Department

C/O Animal Registration

2 Mecca Drive

Hollywood Park, TX 78232


Option C:  Come see us!  We are happy to provide the forms to you in person and assist you in completing them.  Bring your vaccination records with you and fill the form out at the police department.  There is no fee for this service or registration.


To make it as easy as possible we are allowing all pet owners to register your pets either annually or every three years according to your initial rabies vaccination and vaccination booster date.  You will need to speak to your vet about which vaccine your pet is given.  We will use this date as your “registration due date”.

If you need any assistance or have questions about pet registration, please feel free to reach out to us.  You can email us at: