The Town of Hollywood Park is a General Law Type “A” city. A type “A” general law city consists of a governing body known as the “city council”, a mayor and five council members. The Mayor is the presiding officer at all meetings, in the Mayor’s absence the Mayor Pro Tem presides. Council members are the city’s legislators. Their primary duty is policymaking, which includes identifying the needs of local residents, formulating programs to meet the changing requirements of the community, and measuring the effectiveness of ongoing municipal services.



Districts for Hollywood Park

Texas U.S. Senators:     Texas current U.S. Senators are Senator John Cornyn and Senator Ted Cruz.

Texas U.S. Representative:    Congressional District 21 — Representative Chip Roy

Texas State Senator:   Senate District 25 — Senator Donna Campbell

Texas State Representative:   House District 122 — Representative Lyle Larson

Texas State Board of Education Member:  SBOE District 5 — Mr. Ken Mercer