Deferred Disposition
Deferred Disposition, commonly referred to as “probation,” is an option to resolve your open violation(s) with the Court. Not all violations are eligible for this option. Please call the court for more information and to see if you meet the eligibility requirements.

You and your violation must be eligible, and you may make your request prior to your scheduled appearance date. If your request is granted, you will enter an agreement with the Court to pay the assigned balance of your violation within a set period of time, and that you will not violate any laws during your deferral period. If you satisfactorily complete all elements of the deferral agreement, the violation will be dismissed and not affect your driving record. If you do not comply with one or more of the ordered conditions during the deferral period, you could be found guilty and the offense may be reported as a conviction to the Texas Department of Public Safety.

If you have a CDL (or had one at the time of the violation), you are not eligible to request deferred disposition. If you were cited for passing a school bus, or speeding allegedly 25 mph or more over the posted speed limit or allegedly more than 90 mph, your violation is not eligible for deferred disposition. If you were cited for any violation in a construction zone with workers present, your violation is not eligible for deferred disposition.


For more information, please contact the Court during business hours.


How to Request Deferred Disposition
You can make your request in person during our regular business hours, by mail, or by email. Please include the following with your request:
• Your plea of no contest or guilty
• Your request for deferred disposition
• Your citation number
• Your name, date of birth, address, and phone number

Follow Up
If your request is granted, you will receive your agreement in person or via mail or email. This agreement will list all the conditions of your deferred disposition. Please review and, if you agree to the terms, sign and return the document(s) to the Court within 48 hrs. You must sign it and return it to the court in order for it to be valid. It is your responsibility to follow up with the court.