Compliance Dismissal

There are several violations that can be dismissed with proof of compliance. Not all violations are eligible for this request. Some of those violations are: Expired Registration, Expired Driver License, No Driver License, Fail to Change Address, Fail to Display Driver License, as well as several others. Call or visit the court Clerk for more information and to see if you meet eligibility requirements. If you are eligible for a compliance dismissal, you must provide proof to the court and make your request before your scheduled court date. If approved, you will not have to appear in court. Call or email the court for more information 210-494-2023 ext. 224 or

If you have remedied the deficiency, you do not have to wait for your court date to handle the ticket. Save yourself some time and take care of it prior to your court date.
Below is a list of some of the more common dismissible violations and the associated dismissal fees:
o Expired Registration: Provide proof of renewal, pay $20.00
o Expired Driver License: Provide proof of renewal, pay $20.00
o Fail To Display Driver License: Provide Proof of DL, pay $10.00
o Fail To Change Address on Driver License: Provide Proof of correction, pay $20.00
o No Driver License: Provide Proof of License, pay $10.00
o Fail To Maintain Financial Responsibility (No Proof of Insurance): Provide proof of valid motor vehicle insurance for the date of your ticket covering the vehicle operated when the citation was issued or covering the person the citation was issued to, even if for a different vehicle – violation is dismissed – no fee