On behalf of The Town of Hollywood Park Administration Department we would like to welcome you to our community. 

In addition, we would like to take this opportunity to provide you with information which is important to have as a property owner. The Town of Hollywood Park website has links to the Code of Ordinances, City Council agendas, permits information, Municipal Court information, upcoming events, pictures of functions and many other useful items.  PLEASE VISIT THIS SITE REGULARLY.


The speed limit in the Town is 25 MPH.  Please watch out for walkers, joggers, children, pets and wildlife.  There are exceptions to the 25 MPH speed limits, for example the 100 block of Mecca is still 20 MPH.


Council Meetings: Are held the 3rd Tuesday of the Month. See Calendar on the “home page” for times. All residents are encouraged to attend to be informed of city business. 


Garbage and Trash Collection:   Collection for garbage and recyclable bins are collected every Friday.


Brush pick up: (date to be announced)


Bulky pick up:  Once a year during the Spring (date to be announced)


Building Permits: Before you begin plans for renovation, addition or tree trimming, please make sure to get a permit.  If you are unsure if a permit is required for an upcoming project, please review the City Ordinances Section on the website or call City Hall at: 210-494-2023 Ext 224 for further information.  For a schedule of fees please visit this link.



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