Dear Residents,


At the last Council meeting, John German of HNTB Corporation made his final presentation of Hollywood Park’s traffic and street improvement study.  The engineers at HNTB made several suggestions for the future development and maintenance of our town’s infrastructure.  One of the issues addressed by HNTB is the potential for a uniform speed limit in Hollywood Park.  HNTB’s study of 17 small cities in our area revealed the following “standard” speed limits:


  • 7 cities at 20 mph
  • 4 cities at 25 mph
  • 5 cities at 30 mph
  • 1 city at 35 mph


According to HNTB, there is no uniformity between the 17 small cities surveyed.  Mr. German commented that 25 mph is the “prima facie” speed limit, thus HNTB recommends that Hollywood Park adopt 25 mph as the single posted speed limit throughout the town.  Mr. German indicated that a uniform speed limit will alleviate the need for different speed limits and signs through different parts of the town, and the lower speed limit should increase the overall safety of the community.  However, we recognize that some residents may have grown accustomed to 30 mph, and we want to avoid burdening residents who have farther to travel to their homes (i.e., the back of the Park).  Your council members should be out canvassing residents for opinions.  We want to do what is best for the entire town, not just certain streets or areas.  Please reply to Janice at with your vote of 25 vs. 30 mph as a uniform speed limit in HP.  Thank you.


Mayor David Ortega