This is a great time to be a part of Hollywood Park, and I am proud to say that I “Come Home to the Park”.

We have so many new initiatives in process to improve our town, making the best place in Bexar County even better. We are embarking on a new plan for our Voigt Park and Community Center while preparing to make improvements to Donella Drive. Our active EDC is installing new branded street and entrance signs along with signage to increase the identification of Hollywood Park businesses.

“The Park” is a small town, and a good place to be. We offer our residents the protection and safety of their very own Police Department and Fire Department. Our Police Chief, Shad Prichard, has increased the visibility of the police patrol and still offers out-of-town checks when are residents are away from home. Our Fire Chief, John Butrico, has worked in our Fire Department for over twenty five years, starting as a volunteer. These two departments go above and beyond serving the citizens of Hollywood Park, often volunteering their own time to assist the community.


Mayor Chris Fails of hollywood park residential community

Chris Fails, Mayor


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