SAWS will shut-down water on Donella Street and construct the water tie-ins on Thursday April 14.  The shut down will start at approximately 9:00am 4-14-16 and service will be restored the same day.  This will effect only the current construction area of Donella Street.  Thank you for your cooperation as we strive to finish this project as soon as possible.

Driveway Construction

Over the next several weeks, SpawGlass will be constructing new curb and driveways along Donella Drive. This notice serves as an alert to these upcoming activities and also describes what to expect when your driveway(s) are being reconstructed.

Before reaching your property, a representative from SpawGlass will alert you that they are preparing to reconstruct your driveway. Demolition and reconstruction of a driveway takes about three (3) days; demolition takes about one (1) day and it takes about two (2) days for the new concrete driveway to be formed, poured, and cured. SpawGlass will check whether you have a conflict with their proposed timeframe and will have some limited ability to reschedule.

During reconstruction of your driveway, SpawGlass will be requesting that you park your vehicles on the side of Donella Drive. Alternatively, other accommodations can be made to provide a temporary driveway, though this will increase construction duration for the new driveway. Please contact David Costales at Civil Engineering Consultants (telephone number 210-798-9292, email if you have any questions or concerns about access to and from your driveways.

Thank you.



 Keys were delivered in envelops through normal mail service (to the individual household mailboxes). Each envelop had the location of the temporary central box unit (CBU) and the corresponding box number on it.mailbox

If a homeowner has lost their key and/or envelop and cannot retrieve their mail from the CBU, they need to contact the Thousand Oaks post office and talk to a supervisor. The supervisor will coordinate with the home owner and the mail carrier to set up a meeting at the CBU.

                                                                     Information for the Thousand Oaks post office is as follows:

                                                     15610 HENDERSON PASS                                                                 

SAN ANTONIO, TX 78232-9998


Schedule for Donella

Below is a timeline showing construction of Donella St.

Dates are approximate due to potential weather delays.

Gas main construction:                Mid-November through Early January

Water main construction:            Mid-November through Late January

Drainage (Lorence Crk Wm Classen):        Early January through Late January

Roadway (Lorence Crk To Wm Classen):     Late January through Early March

Drainage (Wm Classen to 281):                   Late January through Mid-February

Roadway (Wm Classen to 281):                   Mid-February  Through Late March

Roadway (Mustang Cir to Lorence Crk)     Mid-February through Mid-April

Final Roadway:                                          Late April

We know that this project is inconveniencing people as they try and make it around Donella. We want to keep you informed to where the construction is happening, and how long the work will be going on, etc.
We ask for your patience and know that in the very near future you will be driving on a wonderful new roadway.


Pictures from the Ground Breaking Ceremony





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Donella Public Meeting 10-19-2015

Project Status 09-22-2015